taking hard line on bad behaviour on its flights

June 4th, 20150 Comments »

Leading leisure airline, has today pledged to take a harsh line against any disruptive and inappropriate behaviour onboard its flights, following a rise in incidents industry-wide.

The zero tolerance policy is driven by Phil Ward, Managing Director of to protect families and holidaymakers, ensuring every customer has a safe, enjoyable and comfortable flight without the worry of disruptive behaviour onboard.

The stance, put in place as of today, on all flights to over 55 destinations across Europe, reassures passengers that their welfare is the airline’s key priority. As appropriate, the following actions will be set in motion for unacceptable behaviour onboard including racist behaviour, threatening conduct towards passengers and staff, and excessive consumption of alcohol;

– Police prosecution
– Refusal to board
– Flight diversion
– Flight ban for life

Phil Ward, Managing Director of said: “ is a holiday airline. We will not allow our customers’ holidays to be upset by an individuals’ obnoxious behaviour. Passenger welfare is and always will be our number one priority which is why we have brought in these measures to take action against anyone who causes offence and disruption to our passengers and crew. We will not hesitate to prosecute individuals where necessary.”

Just today, Friday 29th May, has given a lifetime ban to a male, Grant Marshall on a flight to Alicante from Leeds Bradford Airport. The individual was on one of a party of 14 who was asked on numerous times to stop consuming illicit alcohol, using intimidating language and threatening behaviour.

“Due to his unacceptable behaviour onboard, the pilot diverted the flight to Toulouse where the disruptive passenger was handed over to the police authorities and the remaining travelers continued onto Alicante. As well as Grant Marshall delaying holidaymakers, he could now be facing prosecution for his behaviour and could be found liable for the costs of the divert, which will run into thousands of pounds.”

Following this incident, has already received a number of calls from passengers on-board the flight thanking and congratulating the airline on taking this stance.

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