Lufthansa & Flight Level Media To Offer In-Flight Facebook & Email Postcards

November 1st, 20160 Comments »

Travelers flying long-haul with Lufthansa will now be able to send complimentary Postcards from the Plane on over 100 international FlyNet equipped aircraft. The airline has partnered with in-flight apps developer, Flight Level Media to offer passengers the ability to send unlimited complimentary Facebook and e-mail postcards throughout their flight.




The new service means passengers can now send fun, creative updates and travel notes building their own personalised postcard with selected images, messages and real-time flight information including origination and destination points, aircraft type, air speed and more.

Daniel Callahan, CEO of Flight Level Media said, “ For over 15 years, Flight Level Media has specialized in creating unique content experiences that integrate flight specific data with compelling, contextual entertainment and information. We’re delighted to partner with Lufthansa to reinvent a beloved amenity that provides a differentiated service for its customers.




To enjoy Postcards from the Plane, book a Lufthansa flight at

To find out more about Flight Level Media visit


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